Hmmmmmmm I wonder if there is any correlation :-/




A Mans take on “Provocative Dress”


Typically when you ask a woman who is dressed provocatively, why she wears the things she does. You may hear a response like: “This is how I like to dress!” or “Because it looks good on me.” However you would never hear her say… “I have low self-esteem!” or “I really want to get so-in-so attention today so I decided to put this on.”

The truth is… everyone who chooses to wear provocative clothing will always feel justified in why she can and will wear it. However, no one will ever be honest enough to admit the real reason they are dressing provocatively.

What’s your take on this issue?

Ladies, What Do Your Clothes Say About You? (Modesty Part I) | CJ Mahaney


Do you think it is fair to “Judge a book by its cover?” Does the way you dress really matter if you say that you are believer and love God? In the video CJ Mahaney answers those questions and he also leaves us with something to ponder…

If my clothing was places in front of the mirror of the gospel…what would I see?