Who Said Shorts Can’t Be Modest!


“There is no way to wear shorts and be modest,” you may be thinking….

But I think NOT!

You most certainly can rock a pair of shorts from time to time and still be the Banner of Modesty you strive to be…Here’s How!

knee1. Rule of thumb… dump the short shorts, and head over to the Grown Woman length. This is the point a little above the knees, and right pass the thighs (see image to the left)

2. If it don’t fit you must acquit! Not saying you should wear baggy shorts, however find a pair that fits you nicely… (If you can not breath in them or zip them up, you might want to charge it to the game!)

3. Please Please Don’t Do It…Do not put those shorts on that show “that”…None of us want to see “that”! And you know what “that” I am referring too lol!

With these simple and quick tips, you can be on your way to enjoying a nice pair of diva shorts!

Enjoy 🙂


Lace It Up

Lace is all grown up now and has become one of the new hottttt trends for 2013!

Can you believe that!

I remember as a little girl, wearing the cute little church socks with lace wrapped around them and thought I was doing the most lol… Now lace is making a huge come back!

At my church service on yesterday one of my sister’s in Christ was wearing a very hot black lace pencil shirt and I had to do a little investigating to see what was going on with this look.

Come to find out it was listed as the #2 fashion trend for 2013 at ELLE.com. So go ahead and don’t be scared… try a dash of lace and #turnitup!




You can not go wrong with this amazing look!

Grey pencil skirt, white blouse with burgundy jacket and accessories.

Rock this to work, church, or business meeting.

Who said being Modest was boring!

Tip: If you are a modest diva on a budget, try the local co-consignment boutique in your neighborhood. Business divas like to resale their goods!