Darragh Moore: Diamond in the Rough

OMG!!! Last night while watching the BET awards, I got highly disgusted with the attire that a lot of the woman celebrities were wearing. From the hot pink suit that singer K. Michelle rocked with no bra or no shirt on underneath, to the blue dress that actress Megan Good strolled out in to present the gospel award….it was a mess! I must have not received the memo, however when did wearing no bra or shirt underneath a blazer or very very low cut shirt or dress become HOTTT!

Okay let’s back up and rewind! I love the hot pink suit K. Michelle rocked… “Pink is my signature color” and her hair was banging…but would it have hurt her to put a shirt on :-/ Then she had the nerves to sing amazing grace, but I digress… Next, I hate the message that a lot of the entertainers are sending out to the woman in this generation. I mean it is so confusing! They are wearing classy outfits and making them look trashy by neglecting to complete the outfit with a simple bra and shirt! Then we get upset when professional and amateur artist make songs that degrade woman.

CraeOn another note, I was so glad to see that my sister in Christ, Darragh Moore represented for the Modern Christian Woman. Unfortunately, Darragh Moore is getting a lot of slack for rocking her darling sequence dress that stopped a little bit pass her arms. To be honest, her dress did not reveal any of her body parts, and it tastefully covered her chest area. To be fair could the dress have been a little bit longer…maybe, but she knows her own conviction. As a believer we have the Holy Spirit to rely on, and He will check our hearts and lead us in the way we should go. Nevertheless compared to a lot of the woman who crossed the red carpet last night, she was a diamond in the rough!

If we refer back to the true definition of modesty in my article The Misconception of Modesty

  1. Modesty is freedom from vanity and boastfulness
  2. Modesty is a regard for decency and of behavior, speech, dress, ect.
  3. Modesty is simplicity and moderation

Also we learned in that article Modesty is NOT defined in the word of God; however Paul and Peter were addressing the issues of the heart and not the hemline!

I am not sure what Darragh’s motives were when she got dressed for the 2013 BET Awards, however I do not believe it was to seek attention. I think she wanted to look fabulous for her husband and yet modest…and honestly this is a very difficult task, but I think she pulled if off very tastefully…That’s why I think, and call  Darragh Moore a Banner of Modesty!


Walking by Faith… I don’t know, I may be failing

I am going to be transparent…because that is what I do lol!


However, I went back to work after having my beautiful son Nehemiah, full time. I requested to go part-time and it was denied…they even offered me a raise because of my work performance…go figure. However my heart’s desire is to be a stay at home mom and wife, and do ministry (Banner of Modesty) full time. At the moment that is not possible. However, I am struggling with the concept of trusting God…

Do I just trust God when I am comfortable and every things is okay, or can I trust God when I don’t see how he is going to provide and take care of me :-/ Do I use wisdom and wait for an opportunity to come for me to move towards my desires or do I move towards my desires and trust God?

I don’t like being in this place…. I like answer, like most humans. I don’t know how to take a walk of Faith! I thought I did, but this situation is teaching me that I don’t. I walk in faith with the things I have the ability to do …like working a job I am not happy at, and I have faith it will continue to provide for me and my family lol. Is that walking by faith or by sight?

This is such a dilemma…I need your prayers for me and my family.

Also one thing I am sure of is that, “My God is in the heavens…and he does whatever that he pleases!” So I do trust him with my life… I guess I am just ready to see the outcome.

Any Biblical advice?

He does whatever that he pleases!!! #Lesson Learned

heavenHu-Man will never understand the majestic wonders of Jesus Christ! It is now 2013 and I am still trying to figure out why God allowed certain things to happen to me wayyyyyy back in 1998! However this is normal! We are humans and we will never understand why God allows “bad things to happen to good people,” or “why the rich seem to keep getting richer,” or ect ect.  But one thing that has given me peace as a believer is knowing….

Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases!!!!

-Psalms 115:3

Man that makes me so excited. Go ahead and repeat that verse….Doesn’t it move you to praise God!

On Another Note:  In being honest, I must confess that the last few weeks I have been extremely disappointed with God. Yes you heard me correctly. I asked him for two specific things …I mean I was naming it and claiming it…. Laugh Out Loud… But nothing was happening.

God are you listening to me… (Blank stare)

God have you forgotten about me… (Blank stare)

GODDDDDDDDD…. (Screaming now, with tears flowing down my face )

However God was chilling lol, Why you may ask? Well I could refer to the scripture above and that would be the end of discussion! But… God had given me something way more valuable than the material and physical things that I requested!

He has been showing me through his word to be content in whatever state that I am (which is growth)

He has allowed me to gain a new perception on the reason I am where I am (which is growth)

He has allowed scriptures like the one above to come alive in me again (which is awesome and shows the process of sanctification!)

God is so amazing that he loves us so much, to not just give us the things we want but the things we need! He is developing my character (that’s a big word I know lol) so that I can be a Godly woman in this generation. Now I am not saying God does not answer prayers, but man I love the fact that he does not give us everything we want, when we want it. He does not want us to be spoiled brats (spoiled brats can’t win wars, in fact that don’t even enlist…message!), however he wants us to be mature believers who trust in him so that we can go out and make other mature believers to stand firm in this generation full of spoiled brats who cry, stomp, cheat, steal, lie, and kill to get what they want!

Would I love for Him to answer my prayer requests… Of Course! Can He answer my prayer request… Of Course! Will He answer my prayer request…


Not to us, Not to us, BUT TO YOUR NAME BE THE GLORY!  Psalms 115:1-3

Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory, for your mercy, and for your truth’s sake. Why should the heathen say, Where is now their God? But our God is in the heavens: he has done whatever he has pleased!

Transform Yourself!

lost idenitySo many people in this generation have lost their identity to sex, drugs and emotionally discombobulated relationships…They do not understand that God have created every man and woman for a greater purpose; so they live each moment of their lives bound by failures, heartbreaks and disappointments. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem!

Although there may be fundamental reasons to why people become trapped by their loss of identity; the number one cause of emotional discombobulation and lack of personal identification is “yourself.” The term “you are your greatest enemy” is very true. You have the ability to hold yourself back from becoming the best you that you could ever be…..

So as of today, lets try to be positive and focus on living the life that God created for us. Lets deny our flesh, stop complaining and learn how to serve others.

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Romans 12:2

Love you all and have a Blessed Day!


A Mans take on “Provocative Dress”


Typically when you ask a woman who is dressed provocatively, why she wears the things she does. You may hear a response like: “This is how I like to dress!” or “Because it looks good on me.” However you would never hear her say… “I have low self-esteem!” or “I really want to get so-in-so attention today so I decided to put this on.”

The truth is… everyone who chooses to wear provocative clothing will always feel justified in why she can and will wear it. However, no one will ever be honest enough to admit the real reason they are dressing provocatively.

What’s your take on this issue?

If These Are Our Brothers… I double dare you to read!

ImageAs the weather begin to break, I know we are all dying to show off our cute little sundresses from the “Hot Pick” list of summer must haves, breathtaking short shorts that shows off our hard work at the gym this winter, H&M tank tops, and DSW high heel sandals. However I ask you ladies to please consider your brothers before closing the door to your apartment, condo, or house this summer and spring!

See I am the oldest of five, and three of my younger siblings are males. Growing up they will tell you that I was a very over protective big sister.

If they were interested in a girl that was no good for them… I would cut that relationship short by interfering.

If they had someone trying to bully them… I was there to stand up for them.

When I saw them doing something harmful to themselves… I would pull them aside and speak with them.

I encouraged them

I prayed for them

I was their sister

I did not do anything to cause harm to them, nor did I place them in any uncompromising situations…Why? Because these are my brothers!

Now that I am a believer, I am adopted into this huge family of other believes. I now have sisters and brothers that were not born into my earthly family, but who were also adopted by Christ…and when Christ returns we will all join together to worship him the one TRUE GOD. (Luke 13:29)

Now how much more should we be protective of our eternal brothers than our earthly brothers?

Of course it is our desire to see our earthly brothers feasting at the table with us when Christ returns; however as sisters in Christ we should be assisting in guarding our eternal brother’s heart just as much as we guard our own heart.

So if these are our eternal brothers; sisters…why are we being a stumbling block to them? Why are we wearing inappropriate clothing around them and behaving promiscuously when in their presence…causing them to lust after us?

I am going to be daring enough to say, that maybe as a believer you don’t consider our Christian brothers… to be your brother. However, you view them more like potential future baby daddy’s.


Maybe you think you are a Christian, and you really are not….So you don’t understand the biblical responsibilities you have as a “believer” to be your brother’s keeper. (If you are unsure please check out our article on Salvation)


You don’t care, and you can’t live without the attention from the opposite sex.

However, whether you fit into all or one of the above categories ask yourself… If he is my brother

Should I ____

  • Wear inappropriate clothing that reveals my breast, thighs, and hips
  • Make sexual jokes around him
  • Wear tight, form, fitting clothing that shows off very detailed curves on my body
  • Look him up and down and lick my lips when he is around
  • Lay or sit on his lap even if we are just joking around
  • Place him in a uncompromising situation where we are left alone
  • Kiss and touch on him when we are un-married
  • Flirt with him even if I know he is married or pursuing someone else

The list could go on and on. Nevertheless, sisters please consider this the next time you are shopping for clothing or getting dress for an event.

If these are truly your brothers…

 Don’t cause them to stumble, and if you feel that this article somehow don’t apply to you and that you don’t have to consider them at all… then, they may not be your brothers and I may not be your sister!

Think about it…


The Misconception of Modesty

I have overheard several people say that word “Modesty” was such an old fashion term. In fact they believe that I should change the name Banner of Modesty to something like Banner of Meekness or Banner of Simplicity, or perhaps the Nay Sayers would love Banner of Wack-ness. However, first that will never happen lol… Second, one of the main missions of this organization is to resurrect the word Modesty; not just in theory, but in practice!

Modesty has been resting in peace for far too long… In today’s society we can see the devastating effects that the lack of modesty has provided to this culture. Also this is not just a “secular issue” that excludes Christian women… but now we as a body of believers have to address this issue in some of our local fellowships.

You may ask, “What is Modesty… really?”

On Dictionary.com Modesty have three definitions

  1. Modesty is freedom from vanity and boastfulness
  2. Modesty is a regard for decency and of behavior, speech, dress, ect.
  3. Modesty is simplicity and moderation

According to Wikipedia a modest person does not draw attention to their own real or supposed accomplishments and desirable attributes.

I mean I can go on and on with different definitions found from different resources about how the world defines Modesty. However the real questions are….How is Modesty defined for a woman who professes to be a believer? And how can we see women and girls in this generation impacted and inspired enough, to want to be Modest?

Well first, we can never address Modesty with an unbeliever…they will never understand the concept of being a “Modest Woman” unless they come to know Christ and understand that they are saved by grace and not works. Also we do not want to raise up a generation of “robots,” where we are saying look like this, act like this, think like this, and dress like that.

Next, there is no clear definition for Modesty found in the word of God.


So you may be wondering now, why does the modern church associate the term “Modesty” with “Long Skirts” and “Loose Clothing?” Well my guess is, a lot of traditional pastors like to refer to verses like 1 Peter 3:3-4

Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.

Or even 1 Timothy 2:9

Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire,

And hands down the argument that the bible does clearly address this term can be won with those two verses alone…

Nope! This is still not a clear definition of Modesty.

We must take a look at these verse hermeneutically (hermeneutics according to Wikipedia, is the art and science of text interpretation). Although Paul appeared to be addressing the issue of the way a woman adorns herself and dress, the underlining meaning of these verse were to encourage Christian women to simple live….HOLY.

Yep…Paul was addressing the issues of the heart and not the hemline!

Let’s Take a Deeper Look:

1st, the Author of 1 Timothy is Paul and Peter was the Author of 1 Peter

2nd, Their audience both times were Christian Women, (meaning they believed that the women they were addressing in these passages had somewhere in there life confessed that Jesus Christ died on the cross for their sins)

3rd, The time period was around A.D. 59-61 and during this time, history shows us that women typically wore Stola’s which were very simple, long pieces of cloth, that doubled in the middle, and was sewed up on both sides, leaving room only for the arms and a slit at the top for the head. However, some of the women wore them open on each side, from the bottom up above the knee, so as to discover a part of the thigh. This was typically done by very young women or immodest women of their time. Also we learn if we study the background of both books, that the Gentile women adorn themselves with bands of gold and arranged their hair in plaits also known as braids.

So before I continue we can gather from our brief history lesson, that all women during the time Paul wrote 1 Timothy and Peter wrote 1 Peter wore long loose fitting robes down to their feet.

The next thing we can gather is that if the only difference between the robes were the slits on the side that showed a little thigh, typically worn by younger a woman.

And last, we can clearly see here that during this particular time period, women who adorned themselves in gold and pearls were the Gentile women. These women did not know Christ, and idolized their beauty and image.

So our final observation should be here just based on the background, is that Paul and Peter did not use the illustration of clothing to show us what the right way to dress was or the wrong way to dress was. They simply gave this illustration to encourage Christian women, who professed godliness, to live out what they profess and not conform to the world around them.

They were stating… don’t be consumed with the gold jewelry and or pearls, or how your hair looks… Do not let your adorning be external like the young girls or the Gentile woman; but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.

They were stating, have self-control over vanity and the idol desires of your heart.

Surly Paul and Peter could not have foreseen todays fashion trends of skinny jeans, halter tops, and hair extensions… However because of Gods sovereignty they were able to preach a message then that we can apply to our life now, which is to pursue Godliness.

So for the believing woman, the clear message in these verses is, Godly women are modest women because they have a desire to please God. It is not… Godly women should dress in long skirts with no jewelry or hair weaving because this will make her appear modest.

It is always a heart check. Banner of Modesty will never address your appearance first, because we know that if we teach women how to “look like” Christians, we will still be doing an injustice to this generation of women and young girls. Anyone can put on “church clothes” in the words of Lecrea, and appear to have it all together. In fact, I know a few women who appear to be naturally meek and humble and unfashionable in their appearance, but behind closed doors struggles with lust, adultery, and even pornography. However, if we focus on the things that woman deal with in their heart like; rejections, loneliness, hurt, shame, pride, low self-esteem, lust, and many other things and point them to Christ as the one who can redeem them and restore them in all areas of their life, then that is where we will began to see an impact on the way woman present themselves in a immodest society.