Walking by Faith… I don’t know, I may be failing

I am going to be transparent…because that is what I do lol!


However, I went back to work after having my beautiful son Nehemiah, full time. I requested to go part-time and it was denied…they even offered me a raise because of my work performance…go figure. However my heart’s desire is to be a stay at home mom and wife, and do ministry (Banner of Modesty) full time. At the moment that is not possible. However, I am struggling with the concept of trusting God…

Do I just trust God when I am comfortable and every things is okay, or can I trust God when I don’t see how he is going to provide and take care of me :-/ Do I use wisdom and wait for an opportunity to come for me to move towards my desires or do I move towards my desires and trust God?

I don’t like being in this place…. I like answer, like most humans. I don’t know how to take a walk of Faith! I thought I did, but this situation is teaching me that I don’t. I walk in faith with the things I have the ability to do …like working a job I am not happy at, and I have faith it will continue to provide for me and my family lol. Is that walking by faith or by sight?

This is such a dilemma…I need your prayers for me and my family.

Also one thing I am sure of is that, “My God is in the heavens…and he does whatever that he pleases!” So I do trust him with my life… I guess I am just ready to see the outcome.

Any Biblical advice?


One thought on “Walking by Faith… I don’t know, I may be failing

  1. God has promised Believers that he will provide for His children. We can certainly trust that promise. My wife and I had a very similar situation. We have 2 older children and began trusting God’s sovereignty in having more children. And what do you know we were pregnant. I am now 47 and my wife is 42, we have an 18 month old and my wife is due again in September. Crazy by the world’s standards.

    Could we afford more children? Yes, because God promised he would provide and when we are faithful to His word He will reward that obedience. Matthew 6:25-34 is the obvious answer. I don’t want to be trivial about this verse. This is truly a promise for Believers. We must step out in faith and believe. Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote the first step to believing is obedience. Even though we might be believers doesn’t mean we still struggle with belief.

    I hope the Lord guides your steps as you are obedient to His word.


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