“I trust that when I sit, the chair will hold me. I trust when I stand, my legs will balance me. We should trust God more than we trust the things of this world.”
– Lutonya M. Long 

I have been asking God to show me why I feel as though I have been on an emotional roller coaster the last few days. I have been confused about which way I should go in areas of my life and I have been finding myself questioning God’s plan for my life. However, the answer was closer than I realized! I prayed last night that God would reveal to me why I was feeling this way and why things seem to be falling apart around me. The answer was very simple!

I was not trusting God!

I was trying to control how and when things happened in my life, instead of trusting that he had the master plan.

Therefore, from this day forward with the help of God, fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ, and prayer from those who love me: 

I will Trust God
I will not lean unto my own understanding
I will not care about what “people” feel is best for me
I will not focus on worldly desires
I will not seek to please others, but learn how to serve them and show them Godly love
I will not let fear control me
I will not assume the worst
I will think before I speak lol lol

Love You All!

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