Totally Devoted To SELF

memyselfIT’S TIME TO BE REAL WITH OURSELVES: Why is it that every nation on earth needs some type of government to create laws, rules and boundaries?? Why do we need rules at our jobs and schools? Why do we need rules when we drive? Why do we need rules in our households?? Why do we need rules in stores, restaurants and wherever else we can think of??

ANSWER: It’s because every person in the world is born with a nature, mindset and will that is totally devoted To SELF!

Self-fulfillment, self-gratification and ultimately SELF-WORSHIP!! Without the implementation of rules and regulations, we would all seek our own selfish desires. And to be honest, most of us wouldn’t even care about those we’ve hurt along the way.

This alone proves the fact that we (All of us) are totally depraved! Sinners from birth. In desperate need of a Savoir.. Romans 3 summarizes it perfectly. (Go read it!). The lie that says that man is “basically good” doesn’t match up, considering the fact that rules and laws HAVE to be made in order to keep human beings from destroying themselves and others. (Like I said at the beginning if this post).

We need to stop medicating and putting a band aid on a wound that can only be healed with the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! Our hearts are the problem. Actions reflect the heart. And only Jesus can give you a new heart, new affections and new desires. And please don’t be deceived into thinking that out actions (Or the way we live our lives) don’t matter. The Bible declares that it is appointed a day for each person to die, and after that the judgment.
And yes, hell is real.

But there is hope in Jesus Christ. REAL HOPE! He can really save you. The Bible commands all men to repent (Turn from sin) And trust in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of your sins. (Yes the gospel still works). Lets stop lying to ourselves people. And I say all this with love and deep concern for your eternal well being.


written by: David Beasley


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