Wonderfully Made Movement

IAMsample6_zps3359c6ecWhat an EXCITING time!

It’s the beginning of a New Year, and although it is really just a small difference of a single day…It is 2013. You may be thinking “Out with the old/In with the new!”

However, as you start this wonderful new chapter in your life, I CHALLENGE you to join me and the rest of the B.O.M. team in making a 2013 true declaration that:

I AM… what God says that I am!!!
I AM Loved…. John 3:16
I AM Wonderfully Made…. Psalm 139:14
I AM The Apple of Gods Eye…Psalm 17:8

We will no longer settle for what this world says about us! WE ARE WHAT THE WORD OF GOD SAYS ABOUT US! If you will join us, respond by posting “I AM”, in our response box; or share your favorite verse that encourages you to stand up and say…


Love you all
Tiheasha Beasley, Founder of Banner of Modesty


4 thoughts on “Wonderfully Made Movement

    • I absolutely agree with you! We shluod not be teaching our daughters that it is okay to dress inappropriately for the sake of fashion. I know that Barbie is just a doll, but little girls are easily influenced by what they hear and see. It is so sad to me that todays culture cannot understand this and is promoting diversity over trying to teach our younger generation the importance of respecting our bodies and being modest. What happened to allowing our little girls to be innocent?

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