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Darragh Moore: Diamond in the Rough

OMG!!! Last night while watching the BET awards, I got highly disgusted with the attire that a lot of the woman celebrities were wearing. From the hot pink suit that singer K. Michelle rocked with no bra or no shirt on underneath, to the blue dress that actress Megan Good strolled out in to present the gospel award….it was a mess! I must have not received the memo, however when did wearing no bra or shirt underneath a blazer or very very low cut shirt or dress become HOTTT!

Okay let’s back up and rewind! I love the hot pink suit K. Michelle rocked… “Pink is my signature color” and her hair was banging…but would it have hurt her to put a shirt on :-/ Then she had the nerves to sing amazing grace, but I digress… Next, I hate the message that a lot of the entertainers are sending out to the woman in this generation. I mean it is so confusing! They are wearing classy outfits and making them look trashy by neglecting to complete the outfit with a simple bra and shirt! Then we get upset when professional and amateur artist make songs that degrade woman.

CraeOn another note, I was so glad to see that my sister in Christ, Darragh Moore represented for the Modern Christian Woman. Unfortunately, Darragh Moore is getting a lot of slack for rocking her darling sequence dress that stopped a little bit pass her arms. To be honest, her dress did not reveal any of her body parts, and it tastefully covered her chest area. To be fair could the dress have been a little bit longer…maybe, but she knows her own conviction. As a believer we have the Holy Spirit to rely on, and He will check our hearts and lead us in the way we should go. Nevertheless compared to a lot of the woman who crossed the red carpet last night, she was a diamond in the rough!

If we refer back to the true definition of modesty in my article The Misconception of Modesty

  1. Modesty is freedom from vanity and boastfulness
  2. Modesty is a regard for decency and of behavior, speech, dress, ect.
  3. Modesty is simplicity and moderation

Also we learned in that article Modesty is NOT defined in the word of God; however Paul and Peter were addressing the issues of the heart and not the hemline!

I am not sure what Darragh’s motives were when she got dressed for the 2013 BET Awards, however I do not believe it was to seek attention. I think she wanted to look fabulous for her husband and yet modest…and honestly this is a very difficult task, but I think she pulled if off very tastefully…That’s why I think, and call  Darragh Moore a Banner of Modesty!

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